Pasteur Ansy Dessources- Revolution of the Intercessors- New Book coming soon

DR. Ansy Dessources- Revolution of the Intercessors



Ansy Dessources Ministries was founded in 2009 by reverend doctor Ansy Dessources along with his wife, sherline L. Dessources, as a result of the call of God on their lives. Together they are the proud parents of their three children, Sherlsy Anne Dessources, Jeremiah Ansy Dessources Jr., and Samuel Dessources. Reverend Ansy Dessources is the senior pastor at Healing Center Community Church in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Reverend Ansy accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 21. Pastor Ansy has always dreamed of becoming a physician, but God had a much greater plan for his life. A few years later, he answer the very important call of God of becoming a pastor.

Prior to the ministry in Levittown, PA, Reverend Ansy served as an assistant pastor of Church of God in Haiti for two years. Reverend Ansy also served as an assistant Pastor of the Haitian Baptist church in Bristol, Pa. He later moved to the United States to join his mother, Denise Gervilus, and his siblings.

Reverend Ansy’s educational background consists of a bachelors of arts degree from Liberty University, a master’s degree in theology from New Birgh University, and earned his doctorates degree from Forerunners University..

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